My name is Elouan Martinet (also known as Exagone313), and this is my personal website.
This page lists my different projects, tools or servers hosted, but also the games I play and the software I want to communicate about.

Running on this server

This website

I was building a modular system to join modules, but considering time and motivation, I'll be using some existing frameworks/software.


Mastodon is a decentralized social network based on OStatus.

I run a private instance on this server.


ZNC is an IRC bouncer.

The texture used comes from the game Terra Nova. This is a Minecraft-like, inspired by Galaxy55, currently in development. The game takes place in space.

Current projects, paused, in progress or ideas

This website

This is the first real project I work on. Hours taken and always more to do.


Mod for the game Wolfenstein - Enemy territory, based on the legacy mod (following upstream and adding changes not in legacy's mind).

This will take a while.

Ideas to make an RPG game

It would be inspired by many games, including Pokémon (3D with view from the sky, moving box by box, monsters...), and a few fantasy books. I think I'll make kind of an engine that runs scripts and maps, and release its source code. I won't have the time to make a whole game. And it would need proper chiptune music I can't compose.

My ideas for this game are private and only revealed to a restricted number of persons. Because I could make a community-driven game, and a company would be happy to make a proprietary game instead (and sue me if I try to work on my own ideas).

How to find me?


Mainly retweets.

IRC: Freenode

I am always connected as Exagone313.
You can send me a private message only if you are registered to Freenode.

Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

I play only on the ETc Clan server, which is one of the top servers as I write this.

Host/IP: et.clan-etc.de

Game: League of Legends

Summoner name : RooseveltForUSA.
I play mainly in ARAM, but also ranked games.
Look away if you want a good player, I don't need to be a good one.

Game: Minecraft

Only looking for events. I don't really like PVP. Not playing on a server anymore.


Username: Exagone313.


Some software liked


My favourite GNU/Linux distribution, for daily use. I use also Debian but packages are becoming too old after a while.

Pale Moon

This web navigator is a fork of Mozilla Firefox, but with I think better choices and the former UI. Note that DRM features are not included. You may not like it, it's a choice.


Vim replacement. I'm trying to stop using other editors. Once configured with (vim) plugins it's pretty usable.

VLC Media Player

Audio and video player on both computers and Android phone.


For small audio edits (example: copy/cut), and detect loops.


Image viewer, multiplateform (Windows and GNU/Linux).


I always use this image editor. But I'm not a designer, and I'm sure it can be completed with Inkscape and Pinta.