About me

My name is Elouan Martinet (also known as Exagone313), and this is my personal website.
This page lists my different projects, tools or servers hosted, but also the games I play and pieces of software I want to communicate about.

Where to find me?


Home sweet home.


Mainly retweets.

IRC: Freenode

I am always connected as Exagone313.
You can send me a private message only if you are registered to Freenode.

Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

I play only on the ETc Clan server, which is one of the top servers as I write this.

Host/IP: et.clan-etc.de

Game: League of Legends

Summoner name : RooseveltForUSA.
I play mainly in ARAM, but also ranked games.
Look away if you want a good player, I don't need to be a good one.

Game: Minecraft

Only looking for events. I don't really like PVP. Not playing on a server anymore.


Username: Exagone313.


Skill set


It's been about 10 years since I use this programming, learned by myself. I don't use any framework, but I know exactly how to separate my components, and using a framework would just slow down my work, especially if they simply add layers on top of built-in PHP features.

When I want to write a small shell script to automate a task, I use PHP when some others would use Python or Bash.


I don't have any particular interest in that language I learned at uni. I could just say it's a good language to learn OOP.

JavaScript or ECMAScript

I'm actually doing a few small codes using vanilla JavaScript in web browsers (DOM...), and I have tried a little Node.js with Express.

I could definitely learn how to use more libraries such as RxJS, browserify...


I'm currently learning this functional programming language, that is suitable to build concurrent web applications.

lobby.lol (read below) is my first ongoing project using this language.


I haven't done many projects with this language, so I'm more a beginner, but I have to improve my skills with this language. I used networking and threads.


After using Apache's httpd, I moved to nginx, like a lot of people. It's much easier to use.

System administration

I've been using many GNU/Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Debian and now Arch Linux, for desktop and server usage. I have more things to learn, but I'm experienced in compilation, installation and configuration processes.

Web security

While building a web app, I'm thinking of all potential threats, and I'm reading about new threats every day.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not want to give much time in security, thinking that what they build is not worth being targeted by malicious users. This is not my case.

OWASP is a good source for knowledge in this category.

Current projects, paused, in progress or ideas


This will be an application for the game League of Legends that will automatically build statistics upon played champions, using Elixir, Redis, RabbitMQ and JS.

Clouding apps

Still at the state of ideas, I want to build a few applications around news aggregation, data and file synchronisation, social sharing, that would be connected together. I'll need to use multiple programming languages to use existing libraries.


Mod for the game Wolfenstein - Enemy territory (in C), based on the legacy mod (following upstream and adding changes not in legacy's mind).

This will take a while.

Ideas to make an RPG game

It would be inspired by many games, including Pokémon (3D with view from the sky, moving box by box, monsters...), and a few fantasy books. I think I'll make kind of an engine that runs scripts and maps, and release its source code. I won't have the time to make a whole game. And it would need proper chiptune music I can't compose.

I may use C or a new programming language in development (BootMonkey).

Ideas to make a web browser

There aren't much browser choice out there, because it's too hard to maintain one. What I would need is an embeddable or hackable web browser, that I could work with. Maybe Servo is the one, or I'd have to look at CEF.

I'd like to have groups of tabs called session that are synchronized separately to a server, to be resumed on any other client. The important thing is to do not have only one account linked to a browser profile, but multiple, for security reasons. You could be able to create, copy and merge sessions. They couldn't be used by more than one user at once, but you could, a bit like GNU Screen for terminals, detach and resume sessions.

It would have to include many privacy features for advanced users, inspired by uMatrix and NoScript Firefox extensions. By having multiple sessions, you could have different settings to use those.

Running on this server

This website

Was previously made with a modular self built framework using PHP, I've reworked it using Jekyll.


Mastodon is a decentralized social network based on OStatus.

I run a private instance on this server.


ZNC is an IRC bouncer.

Some liked software

Arch Linux

My favourite GNU/Linux distribution, for daily use. I use also Debian but packages are becoming too old after a while.


Vim replacement. I stopped to use other editors. Once configured with (vim) plugins it's pretty usable.


For small audio edits (example: copy/cut), and detect loops.


Cross-platform image viewer (GNU/Linux and Windows), a bit slow to load.


I always use this image editor, for simple use. See also Inkscape, Krita or Pinta.

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