About me

My name is Elouan Martinet (aka Exagone313) and I'm a French web developer and system administrator.
I'm interested in programming and infosec.

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Social accounts


Mainly retweets.

For computer science, privacy, technology, general news…


On-topic information.

For TV series content, technology, computer science…


For computer science.

Like Hacker News but with a better community.

Freenode (IRC)

For programming and software help channels.

/query Exagone313 if you are registered to Freenode.

Development accounts


Main public Git account.


Aimed at contributions.


Self-hosted instance, for more private projects.

GitLab BMC

Current projects


Configuration settings (including shell and editor) for all systems I use.

Made without external dependencies.

A news aggregator

For improving my access to information (aggregation, filtering, notification, sharing).




Peer to peer school offering practical computer science projects.

Licence at
Paris 7 uni.

Gave me theoretical knowledge in algorithmics (like automata and graph theories).

Working with

Note that as a developer, I can adapt myself to any documented programming language or technology.



Using it at work.

Not a fan of how decorators are used for code execution during package imports.


Worked on personal projects using vanilla PHP for a decade.

I follow some of the language's development (RFCs, internals).

POSIX shell

Since I developed parts of a shell following POSIX, I have good knowledge in shell syntax and features. As such I try to avoid bashism.


For system programming. I can work with networking, concurrency (processes, threads, synchronization)…


A good language to learn OOP.

Used it a lot at uni, e.g. for system programming.


Mainly using relational databases like PostgreSQL and MariaDB (MySQL).

Also got some knowledge in NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB).

System admin­istration

I use UNIX-like OS on desktop and servers: Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo.

Looking into non Linux-based OS.


I got a liking for containerization and I like Docker's approach of packaging using layers (overlayfs).


Kubernetes gives me a way to deploy and scale applications on a cluster.


After using Apache httpd, I moved to nginx. It's much easier to use.


I'm kept informed about recent vulnerabilities and types of attacks in my daily readings.

Looking into OSINT.

Interested in learning Elixir and Rust.

Running on my servers

This website

Was previously developed along with a self built modular framework using PHP, but I've reworked it using Jekyll.


Mastodon is a decentralized social network based on ActivityPub.

This instance is not open to registrations.



Gitea is a self-hosted Git service.


I use Nextcloud to synchronize files between computers and phone.

Tiny Tiny RSS

Feed reader, will be replaced by my own news aggregator.

Software I promote

I also promote software listed above.

Arch Linux

My favourite GNU/Linux distribution, for daily use.


Vim replacement. I stopped to use other editors. Once configured with (vim) plugins it's pretty usable.


For small audio edits (example: copy/cut), and to detect loops.


Cross-platform image viewer, a bit slow to load.


I always use this image editor, for simple use. See also Inkscape or Krita.


Enemy Territory

An old FPS, but still actively developed by the ET: Legacy team.

Playing on the ETc Clan server, which is one of the top servers.


Playing various games over here.

Occasionally playing to Among Us, League of Legends, Minecraft…

Favorite TV series

I really like TV series created by J. J. Abrams.

Person of Interest

Good thinking about what AI is or might become.


Rambaldi <o>

Good TV series if you like action, espionage and myths.


Interesting how they could switch genres.

Game of Thrones

Fantasy world.


What if you disrupt a parallel universe?


What would you do with a supernatural power?

(Note: Heroes Reborn is not as good and got canceled.)


A story of mafias and a couple on the run.

Prison Break

Help your brother.

(Note: the recent 5th season is not as good as the previous ones.)

Breaking Bad

If you get bored by your life and like chemistry: just watch this.

See also the Better Call Saul prequel.

The IT Crowd

About the IT team of a company, living in the basement.

The best sitcom ever!

Stargate SG-1

What happens if you enter a Stargate backward?

I'm less interested in TV series nowadays.

A selection of my favorite animes

See MyAnimeList for a complete list.

Code Geass
(R1 & R2)

Hero gets a power (Geass) that makes him able to give one forced order to anyone.

This is my favorite anime. Not the most intelligent, but I watched it twice to make sure it was the best!

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)

A dystopia where children get powers and are learning to get control over these.

The most intelligent anime I've seen. Starts slowly but becomes really nice.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)

This is a story of real star wars. All the episodes are rich of content compared to newer animes.

Don't mind poor graphics!


A doctor saved a boy, that happens to be a serial killer. That doctor pursues him for revenge, as he is the primary suspect of investigations.


A prequel to Fate/stay night, by Gen Urobuchi. The Holy Grail War is a contest between mages, the winner having their wish granted. Each mage (Master) summons a hero (Servant) that fights in their place.

Durarara!! & x2

Young ones in mafia stuff, an antihero, a few supernatural characters.

Cowboy Bebop

A very nice space opera.

Normally I don't like episodic animes or TV series. You should watch this one anyway.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

God is dying and makes a contest to find his successor. Each player gets a power through their phone and needs to kill each other. Two children team-up.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

A utopia that warns of the danger of transhumanism. What if you could hack into brains?

A few mangas I've read


A dark story, about demons that rule the world, and an orphan hero with a sword.

The golden age arc makes it the best manga of all time.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

In a post-apocalyptic world, a strange forest is growing and seems to destroy all humanity.

Written by Hayao Miyazaki, this manga led to the animated film adaptation.

The Promised Neverland

In an orphanage, a few intelligent children discover that their orphanage is a farm made by demons for eating humans. They plan to escape.

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