Alpine Linux package trigger scripts failing on CRI-O

I recently created a self-managed Kubernetes cluster using the CRI-O container runtime. I had an issue with Alpine Linux images where package installation trigger scripts were failing for unknown reason (script exited with error 127). Since I couldn’t find a resource online to fix the issue, I wanted to make a blog post to help others that would struggle with it.

Local boot on old Scaleway instances via kexec

Old instances (e.g. VC1S) don’t have the possibility to run kernel from upstream Linux distribution (you can’t reinstall using EFI), instead they use a kernel provided by Scaleway team, which is not regularly updated.

WireGuard (via systemd-networkd)

WireGuard is a new VPN protocol and software, using modern cryptography (ChaCha20, Ed25519…). It is simple to use and configure, similarly to OpenSSH, you just need to share public keys between peers, compared to OpenVPN where you need to manage a private certificate authority (which has different advantages). Please note though that WireGuard is not made for having anonymous (not logged) clients unlike how OpenVPN can be used for, since it uses static IP addresses instead of DHCP (servers need to track the connections of clients). The main implementation lives in Linux kernel (in a kernel module) but other software implementations exist.

La fin de l'anonymat sur l'Internet français

Sous couvert de protéger les français du harcèlement sur Internet, ou peut-être seulement les politiciens qui ne respectent jamais leurs promesses à la plèbe, le gouvernement français propose actuellement de mettre fin à “l’anonymat” des internautes sur les plateformes Internet.

A perfect web browser for Android

Today, on smartphones, the principal usage is browsing the web, mostly on social networks, and messaging via SMS is becoming an archaic way to communicate. At the same time we observe new ways to track people that leads to privacy concerns.

Un premier aperçu

Ceci est un premier aperçu du blog. Créé avec Jekyll et de bonnes heures de configuration unique, j’ai enfin réussi à obtenir une bonne base pour réagir à l’actualité, partager quelques liens en vrac ou publier des tutoriels.